Who can earn from fan tokens and how?

Who can earn from fan tokens and how?

Fan Tokens are a silly asset for some and a real treasure for others. Who will be able to earn on these tokens with a higher probability — read in this article.

Is it worth investing in fan tokens and who can really benefit from it? With sports club coins as an example, crypto market experts can see many patterns with any other cryptocurrency or asset. However, there are certain factors that make fan tokens quite specific and different from others. On the one hand, this is a big problem for ordinary people, but on the other hand, there are unique indicators that can make their owners really rich. Let’s dig deeper into this issue and find out who fan tokens will become (the goose that lays the golden eggs)*.

It all starts with the image

It is not known who first came up with the idea of ​​creating fan tokens, but it is not essential – with the development of blockchain technology, PR and marketing, the managers of individual celebrities or entire groups would definitely intuitively come to this. It’s all about a unique resource — images that are formed over a long period of time and lead to recognition. That is why sports clubs and professional teams started actively issuing their own tokens. But the goal of obtaining direct benefits is secondary here: first of all, tokens are needed for the organization’s interaction with its own supporters. Therefore, token holders have exclusive rights to some unique content, early access to tickets to events or games, etc. The tool turned out to be quite popular among fans and effective, so famous football clubs in Europe have issued their own tokens one after another, most of them on the Chiliz blockchain. The effect of imitation also played its role: if one club has a token, then another must have one, especially if they are opponents. Therefore, the football clubs “Paris Saint-Germain” (PSG), Barcelona (BAR), “Juventus” (JUV), “Milan” (ACM) have their coins; Formula 1 teams Aston Martin AM and Alfa Romeo (SAUBER). Analysis of the dynamics of the growth of popularity prompted Binance Launchpad to also offer services for hosting fan digital assets.

How is the value formed?

Since profit is not the main goal of tokenization, the overall numbers are not too impressive: as of the beginning of September, the market capitalization of fan tokens was only $321 million. The daily volume of exchange trading of the first ten coins is $162 million. Trading is conducted on the MEXС Global, Binance, Bybit and CoinEx exchanges.

Regarding value, the most important factor here is and will be the rating of the organization, expressed in the approximate number of fan bases. Accordingly, the more fans a football club or other sports team has, the cheaper its token will be. As of the end of September 2022, one coin of the Juventus club was traded for 0.003696 ETH ($5.0000), and the lesser-known Santos for 0.008846 ETH ($11.9200).

It should also be understood that the value of fan tokens is directly dependent on the general trends in the cryptocurrency market. And if, say, Bitcoin falls rapidly, then you should not hope for the success of FC Porto coin. However, there are events that can significantly affect the value of tokens. For example, this is a competition with a subsequent team win. Winners are loved by everyone, which means that people will be ready to spend more money to feel their own belonging to their favorite team. Similarly, but in the opposite direction, various upheavals also work: losses, scandals and, in general, everything that affects the reputation of the organization or its individual members. The same thing can be observed in the real world, say with the merch of the Champions League winners.

Investment attractiveness

So, now we understand the features of fan tokens and can figure out how to make money from them. Let’s say right away – it’s not easy, because these tokens actually have no fundamental value. No one can successfully predict the results of important games (that’s why bookmakers always thrive) or determine the change in the vector of the club’s internal policy that will affect its popularity. However, this does not mean that fan tokens are useless for investors – it is just that it is desirable for an investor to be at least a little bit of a fan. After all, under such conditions, the chance of a perceived conjuncture is much higher, which means you can get an advantage over other players on the stock exchange. And let’s not forget about the direct benefit of tokens – bonuses offered by their creator. In this case, you will be able not only to earn, but also to gain advantages over other fans of your team.

In fact, an effective advice from BeFund experts will be caution against participation in FTO (Fan token offering). It is fundamentally different from any other ICO, again, because of the specificity of the asset. The value of new tokens is always speculative, because they are designed for excitement among supporters. So already a few weeks after the official release, in the conditions of exchange trading and relatively low liquidity, the token can become cheaper by 70% of the initial value.

Money should be invested in fan tokens of teams that are predicted to rise in the sports arena. That is why sports predictions can become an indispensable assistant for everyone who wants to deal with this type of digital assets.

However, there is another method of earning on fan tokens, which, unlike all the previous ones, has a fully motivated argumentation. And we are talking about rare tokens that also have a place in the fan environment. If the coin is timed to a significant event or simply has a limited circulation, there is no doubt that you have a real treasure in front of you. Over time, the value of such a token will certainly increase, just like any antique object from the real world. And just in this case, unlike other tokens, the fan token can reach an unprecedented value in the future.


So if you support a team that has its own tokens, think about the possibility of purchasing them. BeFund’s financial experts will gladly help you find your way around this issue and help you in case of difficulties with the purchase. Stay with us, share this article with others and love sports — it is always exciting and interesting.