Why Telegram bot on Python? A simple explanation from BeFund

Why Telegram bot on Python? A simple explanation from BeFund

By the middle of 2024, Telegram bots have become a regular phenomenon both for strengthening the business of companies and for personal use. But how did it happen that it was Telegram that seized the global initiative and gained unprecedented popularity? And most importantly: how can it be useful for you? Let’s find out.

The bot and the user are the main problem

First of all, let’s consider the simplest things, which, in fact, few people think about. We have two integral components:

  •     A bot is software that automatically and constantly performs certain functions programmed by developers;
  •     The user is a person (this is fundamentally important) who must adjust the bot’s work or use the results of its activity.

Therefore, some solution is needed that combines the capabilities of a person and a program. This is called the interface and is known to each of us in different interpretations.

There are extremely many ways to create a user interface: it can be a dashboard that opens in a browser window, it can be a separate page on a website or a mobile application created purely for a specific bot. All this is possible and always practiced, but it has a number of features and disadvantages:

  •     Additional development hours. Each of the solutions require time to create, which is added to the final bot cost check;
  •     Availability and convenience. It is one thing to get to the interface part, and another to understand how to use it;
  •     Support. Even assuming that the solution never breaks (which is simply impossible), any updates and improvements to the bot’s functionality will require interface updates or remain inaccessible to users;
  •     Security and privacy. Don’t even doubt that over time your solution will interest cybercriminals who will be interested in what’s inside. Therefore, you will have to constantly take care of the security and preservation of information;
  •     Load. If the bot has several users, the system must withstand the load that increases as their number increases.

If you create an interface only for yourself, for example, for a personal trading bot, then you can really do everything as it is clear to you and use it at your own discretion. However, business requires massiveness, because otherwise you won’t make a lot of money. Therefore, the decision “to export” should be clear and accessible to every average user.

So we understand that even the best bot is useless without an interface to interact with it.

A universal interface available to everyone

And now Telegram appears. At first it is just a messenger, very similar to WhatsApp, but every year the service changes and develops and becomes more like a social network. Today, it is even bigger and represents a whole IT ecosystem with a whole range of different business solutions, each of which deserves attention. But now we are interested in bots and what they can make us happy with.

Telegram gives each user the opportunity to create an unlimited number of their own bots. The main thing is that the name does not match the existing bot in the system. The “main” bot with the telling name @BotFather is also responsible for the creation of bots: the program checks the names, creates and deactivates bots, provides the ability to manage them and access rights. Developers receive a Telegram-Bot ID and a unique token that allows them to integrate the bot’s backend and create an interface directly in the application. This approach has a number of advantages:

  •     You got a free interface available 24/7/365 not only to you, but also to almost all Telegram users. At the time of writing, the service claims a number in excess of 900 million;
  •     The bot is available directly in Telegram applications, you do not need additional development of dashboards, mobile applications, etc. At the same time, the problem of compatibility with platforms (iOS, Mac, Android, Win, Linux) is overcome, because the cross-platform Telegram works everywhere and has a web version;
  •     For interaction, Bots offer a clear and well-thought-out method of entering commands using buttons and receiving answers in dialogue mode. Convenient navigation and the ability to use different types of files fully satisfy all the needs of users;
  •     Telegram itself is responsible for the performance of the application, so the task of the developers is limited only to supporting the operation of the backend of the bot itself;
  •     Data transfer is carried out using end-to-end encryption, which increases data security. Regarding the security of the application itself: two-factor authentication is required for login, better than which nothing has yet been invented.

Telegram developers have gone their own way and are guided by the philosophy of providing their users with the best and most convenient solutions. For the most part, they succeeded in this, because the TelegramBot APIs provide developers with wide opportunities for two-way integration, that is, a full exchange of information between the bot and Telegram. In fact, today it allows you to solve all the needs that users have.

What about other services?

To be fair, we have to say that not only Telegram has its own bots. Similar features are offered by WhatsApp, Viber, some META products, and others. However, it was the Telegram team that made a winning bet on the popularization of bots and turned them into mass culture. They managed to achieve ease of use and high productivity of solutions, create accessible and effective APIs and even integrate with the WEB 3.0 infrastructure, which immediately gives Telegram-Bots additional winning points. According to statistics, the majority of new users in 2023-2024 joined Telegram not to communicate in the messenger, but to use the bot functionality.

Discord also has a powerful base for bot development, which is qualitatively different from its competitors. However, this service has its own specifics, which prevents it from becoming a mass solution. Discord is built for gamers and streamers and has great tools to manage content and users of individual channels. Here, the common practice is to define the roles of the participants, which Telegram does not have. So bots for Discord work best in the intended environment, when you should not only receive and execute commands, but also interact with a large number of users with different access rights. BeFund worked on creating bots for Discord and studied the specifics of the service. So if you need a solution in this direction, we will be happy to provide consultation on an individual basis.

Telegram Bots on Python

The last thing worth noting on the topic of Telegram Bots is the choice of programming language for their creation. In general, you can develop your own bot in almost any language. There are solutions in PHP, Node or even plain JS and mostly it all depends on the language in which the developer writes the code every day. However, Telegram-Bots in the Python language are the most popular, and there are several good reasons for this:

  •     Python is a universal language in which you can create almost anything. The capabilities of versions 3.0 and above are quite enough for the development of bots of any level of complexity and load;
  •     A number of libraries have already been created for Python and Telegram, such as PyTelegramBotAPI , AIOGram or Telepot , which greatly simplify the development process and contain ready-made and tested solutions;
  •     The Python project is easily scalable and supplemented with integrations. In addition, finding a Python developer is much easier than for other languages;
  •     Python ensures stable operation and resists possible loads;
  •     Projects on Paton are rightly considered more secure and protected from unauthorized access.

We at BeFund chose Python for the development of Telegram Bots and have already made sure that our choice was correct. In addition, integration with the WEB 3.0 environment is important for us, and it is Python that allows us to do this thanks to object-oriented programming. Therefore, our team creates not only chatbots for Telegram, but also complex solutions of cryptobots, sniper bots and much more.


As you can see, Python Telegram Bots are one of the best solutions today and will remain so for a long time. That is why, if you are looking for the development of your own solution, don’t waste time, place an order with BeFund and get a complete and effective solution for the development of your business.