BeFund presents ready-made crypto APIs for a quick start of business on the blockchain – meet Y-API!

BeFund presents ready-made crypto APIs for a quick start of business on the blockchain – meet Y-API!

Want to develop your own blockchain-related project? And have you already studied the issue of methods of interaction with decentralized networks? If so, then you already know how difficult and expensive it is. If not, not the best insiders are waiting for you ahead. However, there is great news: BeFund is ready to offer a ready-made solution that will greatly simplify and accelerate the development of your idea with maximum budget savings. And all this is possible with Y-API (beta)!

What stands in the way?

According to statistics, 33% of all startups related to the blockchain crash on the rocks of technical problems even before the start of development due to its specificity and complexity. If humanity does not experience problems with the development of web technologies today, the world of WEB 3.0 remains underdeveloped and mysterious. In addition to the lack of technology and a sufficient number of qualified specialists, we have another big obstacle: a significant diversity of decentralized networks that do not directly interact with each other.

Although each of the networks is based on blockchain technology, each operates on its own unique protocol and has its own rules. So if you want to develop your project, say on the basis of Ethereum, then simultaneously applying the same solution for, say, Solana will no longer work. Of course, there are similarities in standards, for example ERC-20, BEP-20 and the like, but this does not mean at all that the solution you have developed will somehow be able to work with blockchains and Ethereum Binance Smart Chain with minimal modifications or additions. After all, for full-fledged interaction, integration with a node of a specific blockchain, which participates in data synchronization of the entire network, is necessary.

Therefore, for the full development of the project, you should have access to the required Node. And here there are only two viable options:

  • Become the operator of the Blockchain Node yourself;
  • Get access by lease or brokerage.

In the first case, a number of difficult and expensive tasks await you: owning equipment with appropriate high technical characteristics, deploying and maintaining the node, administration or maintenance of specialists who will perform this function. On average, the total cost calculations that the BeFund team made when writing the article “Like the KRRX Bot — how much does it cost to create a similar bot?” are close to $8-10K per month purely for one node.

Will such costs be justified for the implementation of your idea?

Should you limit yourself to one node of a decentralized network if you need several of them at the same time?

That is why a third of really good ideas are lost at the stage of budget planning. However, there are solutions that can provide alternative access to leased nodes. And in the future, we will talk about one of the best.

What is Y-API?

Once upon a time, young and naive BeFund developers also faced the issue of interaction with various decentralized networks. Our first projects related to cryptocurrencies began with the use of services of third-party blockchain providers and rented cryptoapis. However, those times are in the distant past: we personally understood all the pain of our customers and worked for a long time to alleviate all these problems. Gradually, the idea turned into a separate product, and today we are proud to present Y-API – a set of tools for implementing your own projects using blockchain technology.

The very name “Y-API” is consonant with the concept of “Yuppie” – a term from the 1980s in the USA, referring to a young professional person who works in the city; refers to the descendants of wealthy families who, unlike the “golden youth”, do not have fun, but pursue a career or engage in business using family capital and connections. Conceptually, it is similar to our offer for ambitious people who want to break into the promising world of WEB 3.0 without fear and obstacles.

Our crypto apps are designed to interact with the most popular decentralized networks: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Litecoin and Tron. In the future, other networks will be added as their influence and capabilities grow. Data exchange is based on the JSON format.

The use of Y-API capabilities is similar to any SaaS: the client chooses a tariff plan with the amount of data and uses it for a month. The most important difference of our offer is the unlimited possibility of customizing the API purely according to the needs of the customer. BeFund is ready for long-term cooperation and development of individual conditions for each individual customer. And the more resources you will need in the process of developing the project, the smaller the total final check will be.

The main advantages of Y-API

Users of our service can choose from a number of ready-made solutions that can be immediately integrated into any project. We always take care of customer service and will guide you from familiarization with Y-API to the release of the finished product. The BeFund team provides round-the-clock technical support for the service, so you don’t have to worry that something won’t work at the most critical moment. At your service:

Crypto wallet

Get a ready-made multi-currency crypto wallet with a large set of built-in functions. Store and transfer different types of cryptocurrency, manage tokens and multiply crypto assets. We’ve taken care of speed and removed the major stress points of modern crypto wallets, such as key recovery.

Events in real time

A wide range of unified requests and callbacks are at your disposal. Subscribe to block, currency or token transactions and receive real-time alerts. Fast, secure and simplified for best use. The speed is less than 100 ms. Now you’ll get your endpoint just in time for the event you want.

Blockchain data

Get the data you need from the blockchain in less than 25ms. With only one point and REST API methods, you always have access to complex and dynamic databases. Configure requests to blockchain protocols, learn account balances, study transactions and more with APIs from Y-API

API docs

Our team has spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that our documentation meets the highest standards of information quality. The most complete description of all functions allows you to quickly understand our product and use it effectively with maximum benefit.


In the future, we will repeatedly talk about updating the service, adding nodes of decentralized networks and other improvements. However, it is already worth paying attention to Y-API and trying ready-made solutions. We at BeFund are always ready to help and are also open to investment proposals. After all, blockchain is the future and it is always better to go there with professionals. So don’t waste time!

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