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pr April 17, 2024

How to earn with memecoins in 2024 with BeFund?

What are memecoins and are they worth paying attention to? Or maybe it’s time to create your own memecoin and earn a lot of money? Read about all this in a new article on our blog.

pr April 12, 2024

BeFund is participating in Blockchain Life 2024 in Dubai on April 15-16

Will you be at perhaps the most important event for the blockchain community this spring?

pr February 22, 2024

What should to remember about crypto wallet keys and how we at BeFund made a non-custodial wallet

In this article we once again explain a complex phenomenon in simple words and share the experience of developing a crypto wallet.

pr January 22, 2024

Like the KRRX Bot — how much does it cost to create a similar bot?

BeFund team receives a lot of requests for the development of a cryptobot, such as KRRX. In a new blog article, we will tell you what this software consists of and calculate how much it costs to develop a similar solution.

pr January 19, 2024

5 mistakes that cannot be made at the beginning of blockchain projects from BeFund

Blockchain is a great technology, but it is not always the solution for all IT projects. In a new blog post We warn BeFund about 5 mistakes that should be avoided when planning a new business project (or updating an existing one).

pr December 1, 2023

Halving — Bitcoins will be halved? Reassurance and technical explanation from BeFund

They wait for it, they fear it, they always make money on it. BeFund experts on Bitcoin halving in simple words and with clear examples.