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Bot development

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1 project manager, 4 developers


Jan, 2024


Python, Django, Discord API, Stripe, Taylor



About the client

The Crucible is, without exaggeration, a family business of successful entrepreneurial brothers from the United States of America. Young people have achieved success with the development of a network of gyms. However, the greatest treasure that got to the business owners was the invaluable experience of how to confidently go to their goal. Therefore, today the guys from The Crucible actively share their knowledge with the listeners of the developed courses and inspire people to earn millions and implement their own ideas.

What`s the problem?

About situation:

Today, there are many different solutions that help people engage in infobusiness — the distribution of valuable and important information on a commercial basis. These are streaming platforms, video hosting, and custom or narrow-profile solutions. All of them have a common task: to provide users with paid access to informational materials on the basis of subscription or purchase. Our customers from The Crucible have chosen the popular Discord service as their main platform for information dissemination. However, they needed special tools and special conditions for effective business development. Therefore, customers turned to BeFund with the following tasks:

The goals of project:

Solution by BeFund

To implement the project, the BeFund team chose the Python programming language, which was used to create all the component solutions. This added functional reliability and speed: since all components are on a common server, using the RESTful API method allows you to achieve the highest performance of the entire system.

The BeFund team has developed a landing page with basic information about services and a payment form for the needs of clients. Users can choose to pay in fiat money or cryptocurrency. Each of these methods has its own payment system: Stripe or Taylor. After confirming the payment, the user receives an invitation to the main Discord server by e-mail – this is a unique link that can be used only by one person (anti-fraud). Already in Discord, the user can join two more educational servers, where several channels with educational content have been created.

The bot keeps track of the subscription period, which is 30 calendar days. On the 29th day, the system sends a payment warning letter to the course student. If the money does not come to The Crucible account, the Discord bot blocks access and closes the servers from non-payers. Therefore, the main achievements of the project are:



The custom client part of the project, where the maximum amount of useful information for clients is provided, the corporate style is observed and payment is possible;



Users have a choice: to pay with regular money through Stripe or cryptocurrency through TAY. This application supports many cryptocurrencies for the convenience of users;

Discord bot

Discord bot

A custom bot that automates all work with customers and controls their access to information. The bot works 24/7/365 and has flexible settings to implement new work scenarios.

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