Telegram bot on Python for management of cryptological assets from BeFund


Indastry: Crypto

BeFund`s service: Python development

BeFund`s team: 2 project managers, 6 developers

Technologies: Python, Telegram Bot API

Terms: 5 month

Cost: >$350K

About the client

Unfortunately, under the terms of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), we cannot disclose the name of the client company and specific features of the project. However, by mutual agreement, we are able to publicize the general provisions of the project and some key solutions. In the case of your cooperation with BeFund, all issues regarding the publicity of information will be discussed individually.

What`s the problem?

About situation:

A modern bot should have a wide set of convenient tools to gain popularity among users. And if it is a cryptobot, then the list of these tools must meet many standards. Dubai-based BeFund customers are developing their own service that helps their clients perform basic transactions with cryptocurrency and tokens at a moderate cost of commissions. So, to attract a large number of customers, you should have a unique product offer that will be better than that of competitors and make the business successful and profitable. Our team was given the task of developing a bot with an accessible and convenient interface that can freely convert various cryptocurrencies, carry out basic transactions and take care of the safety and reliability of operations. The main points of the terms of reference are:

The goals of project:

Solution by BeFund

The task can be solved by using the company’s own resources or in collaboration with other services. It is worth saying that completely custom development is extremely difficult, and at the same time very expensive. However, this is not necessary at all, as there are currently many different platforms that provide the required services without the need for expensive development and support. This project has become a wonderful combination of many effective technologies.

The backend is created in Python, which ensures the stable operation of the entire system, and also provides for the scaling of the project in the future. For the free conversion of various cryptocurrencies, an integration with the Crypto APIs service has been created. The bot interacts with cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Huobi. At the request of customers, support for the USDT token has also been implemented in the Ethereum and Tron networks.
Integration with AML is used to check the “purity” of funds. The system automatically charges a fee for each transaction and guarantees detection and blocking of suspicious wallets. This protects the assets of honest users. In addition, the bot allows you to check any wallet separately at the user’s request.

The world-famous Telegram messenger serves as the interface for the bot. Thanks to the functional bot API, it was possible to connect the backend with the bot tools, which makes it simple, convenient and understandable for every smartphone owner. Therefore, the main achievements of the BeFund team in this project can be considered:



The bot creates wallets for each desired currency and freely converts them between themselves;



Verification of one transaction or wallet through integration with AML costs only 1 dollar;



The best solution for the interface part was the integration with the Telegram Bot API.