Indastry: ICO

BeFund`s service: Smart contracts

BeFund`s team: 1 project manager, 4 developers

Technologies: Solidity, NodeJS, JS

Terms: 1 month

Cost: >$10K

About the client

After the release of the movie epic “Avengers” on the big screens, fans of the comic book heroes from Marvel increased in the world. Someone dresses up in a costume of their favorite avenger for Halloween, someone collects collectibles, and BeFund clients decided to create fan tokens. The first in line was the green thug Hulk.

What`s the problem?

About situation:

To implement the fan token idea, our specialists needed a standard set for such a case: a client website and several smart contracts. The customers did not put forward any special demands, so it was possible to fully implement the project in a fairly short period of time. According to the idea of ​​our clients, the ICO of Hulk tokens should attract potential investors to this project and to the idea of ​​tokenization of “Avengers” heroes in general. After reaching a sufficient number of coin holders, our clients will place the tokens on a crypto exchange where real asset trading will begin. But for this to happen, the BeFund team needed to implement a number of tasks and make the platform work possible.

The goals of project:

Solution by BeFund

At the beginning of cooperation and during the choice of blockchain, we proposed the Ethereum system. However, at the request of the customer, the blockchain had to be changed to BNB. Functionally, this has not affected the project in any way, as Ethereum and Build and Build are extremely similar, as are the ERC-20 and BEP-20 standards. Therefore, the Solidity programming language was used to create smart contracts, and NodeJS was used to develop the entire website.

As for the development of smart contracts, it took as many as nine of them. Together, they are responsible for the correct operation of the service, the exchange of assets and the rest of the necessary operations. As you know, the cost of maintaining it in gas depends on the length of the smart contract code, so it is usually better to create several concise smart contracts than one large and complex one. This is exactly what the developers of BeFund did in the case of Hulk smart contracts: eight smart contracts are subordinate to the main one, which is called “Master Chief” and coordinates the constant work of the entire system.

Therefore, everyone can link their own crypto-wallet to the project and carry out operations with Hulk tokens. At the site optimization stage, our developers also created 10 language localizations at once, so that a larger number of people from all over the world could join the project. The main achievements of our team in the project were:



We have developed a convenient and stylish platform for convenient interaction with fan token buyers;

Smart contracts

Smart contracts

BeFund developers have created an effective working model from several connected smart contracts;



Now more people can use the ICO. This means that Hulk tokens reach the required capitalization faster!

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