Indastry: Traveling

BeFund`s service: CRM

BeFund`s team: 1 project manager, 6 developers

Technologies: PHP, JS, HTML, CSS

Terms: 12 month

Cost: >$100K

About the client

Calling the Legato team a “traveling company” is not enough and is not objective. These guys are extremely passionate about what they do and have their own philosophy of how the travel industry should be in general. They call it the “Three S”: Simplify, Serve & Support and create an American platform for consultants who are ready to be their partners. How does this relate to an order for our development team? In fact, directly, because we were faced with the task of creating a custom environment for realizing the ideas of our customers and their partners.

What`s the problem?

About situation:

Legato employees have a good understanding of the needs of their business and the tools they are going to use to achieve it. But the very first stage is the creation of a single virtual space where employees and partners can interact effectively, a single place where information about customers, booked trips and paid bills is stored and processed. Since BeFund has extensive experience in creating custom TCM solutions for the specific needs of users, our cooperation began with this very issue. An individual solution of the customer relationship management system became optimal, since it was difficult to fit the constant business processes in the company into the framework of most of the existing ready-made products. The developers of BeFund had to create not only an effective solution, but also to import here all previous Legato developments stored in different formats and on different platforms. For this it was necessary:

The goals of project:

Solution by BeFund

BeFund developers have created an individual CRM system solution using PHP and JS, which is autonomously placed on the customer’s server and can serve a large number of users at the same time. All elements of the system are named according to customer requirements: this was one of the arguments in favor of a custom solution, since the vast majority of ready-made services do not allow changing the name of key categories (entities). Our system is able not only to register new users, but also to import data of their companies or business accounts: this allows Legato partners to work in a single platform with their own details. For example, in the invoice that the partner sends to his client from CRM, his account and logo will be substituted, but the operations are carried out by the Legato system. By the way, the design and functionality of the accounts themselves were also developed at BeFund.

The module for connecting your own mailboxes needs special attention. Our experts have not only taken into account the current trends in correspondence security requirements, but also possible future requirements for the work of postal services and restrictions that may be introduced. That is why the SMTP module for a custom system does not use recipient substitution, but interacts directly with recipients. This will allow you to connect any mail service, even one that does not yet exist, but will be created in the future. So the main advantages of the custom system from BeFund can be considered:



The customer got exactly what he wanted: his own environment for interaction with clients and partners, where all names and concepts correspond to the technical task;



The system uses a complex logic of forming orders and receiving payment from customers, as this is the only way to ensure equal access to any partner;



BeFund’s solution has an interesting feature of the customer card: there are fields that establish existing relationships between travelers. This greatly simplifies the logistics of all trips.