Decentralized app of the medical card for the clinic be BeFund


Indastry: Medicine

BeFund`s service: Smart contracts

BeFund`s team: 2 project managers, 6 developers

Technologies: Solidity, Phyton, JS, HTML, CSS

Terms: 6 month

Cost: >$200K

About the client

Unfortunately, under the terms of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), we cannot disclose the name of the client company and specific features of the project. However, by mutual agreement, we are able to publicize the general provisions of the project and some key solutions. In the case of your cooperation with BeFund, all issues regarding the publicity of information will be discussed individually.

What`s the problem?

About situation:

A modern medical clinic from Western Europe provides a wide range of services to its clients. In recent years, the company has been practicing long-term, or more precisely, lifelong contracts: from the first minutes of birth in a private maternity ward, all health issues are within the competence of our customers. In this case, the patient’s medical card contains absolutely all records of diagnoses, prescribed treatment, its course and consequences, which may affect the entire future life. That is why they decided to store the medical card data in the blockchain — a system where nothing is lost and cannot be falsified. Cards of adult clients are filled out by clinic employees based on available official documents. The BeFund team was tasked with creating a system for working with patients’ medical records, which includes:

The goals of project:

Solution by BeFund

From a technical point of view, the medical card is a smart contract in a decentralized application. The vast majority of all software code was written in Solidity for the Ethereum blockchain, Python was used for some elements, and HTML and CSS were used to create the user interface.

Smart contracts have the ability to read and supplement. This allows other users of the platform to view medical records and doctors to enter information about further diagnoses and prescribed treatment. It is impossible to change previously entered information.

Access to the medical card is provided by the patient himself or an authorized representative (for children and incapacitated patients). This is possible in two ways:

  • with the use of qr-code generation in the user’s personal application, gives medics time-limited access to the card;
  • after scanning the qr-code from the medical worker with their own mobile application.

Access to the medical record is granted for a certain time and after that it is blocked. No doctor can arbitrarily make changes to the patient’s card. All participants of the platform are anonymous, so no third-party user of the blockchain can establish relationships between accounts.

Also, BeFund’s solution is able to receive telemetric information from patients, which makes it possible to create a picture of the general physical condition of the human body. In the future, our cooperation should expand the list of data automatically entered into the medical record. Therefore, the main achievements of the project are:

Medical card

Medical card

A platform has been created that supports the patient’s virtual card with the most complete information about his health;



Medical card data, for example, diagnoses, are verified, so they can be used as confirmation for smart contracts of insurance companies;



With the patient’s consent, the data can be processed by research institutions, which contributes to the development of science and medicine around the world.