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About the client

Тo The Moon project became one of the first serious ones for the modern BeFund team, as it required a significant investment of time and effort. The authors of TTM dared to do what no one had done before: to create a game based on blockchain and cryptotrading, which allowed players to earn a lot of money and get positive emotions from the process. At the time of the project’s inception, there were other games with cryptocurrencies, but almost all of them operated according to casino principles: you place a bet, win in good circumstances, or lose everything if luck is not on your side. TZM sought ways to break this stereotype in crypto gaming, but sought to leave room for excitement, struggle, predictions, skill and, of course, success. The BeFund team expressed a desire to participate in the implementation of this project, as it had the necessary experience and shared the views of the founders of the game.

What`s the problem?

About situation:

From an ideological point of view, the main task was to create a game that cryptocurrency owners from all over the world would be happy to play, regardless of age or other factors. From a technical point of view, it was necessary to implement a web application that interacts with the blockchain, operates with many cryptocurrencies and at the same time allows its visitors to comfortably play for pleasure and profit. In close partnership with the TZM team, BeFund specialists, as professionals in their field, were responsible for the technical component of the process : development of a website, smart contracts and a crypto-wallet, as well as programming of the algorithm of the web application itself.

The goals of project:

Solution by BeFund

First of all, we need to clearly outline the boundaries of our team’s participation in this project as partners: BeFund dealt exclusively with blockchain and general logic issues, but did not touch the frontend, UI/UX, programming of some non-game-related sections of the site, as well as marketing , PR and other issues of the project. However, within our competence there were enough complex tasks, the implementation of which made the ТZM project different from hundreds of others.

So, at first,  we implemented smart contracts for the operation of a gaming crypto-wallet on Solidity. At the start of the project, 20 popular cryptocurrencies were available, but during execution, the number of relevant ones reached the hundred mark. This allows to attract to the project a larger number of players who own completely different coins, but want to compete with each other.

The next step was mechanics. So, at the time of the beginning of work, the most common plot of games for cryptocurrency was a banal casino: make a bet and wait for the winnings. The authors of ТZM wanted to add something new to this primitive plot, elements of rivalry, and not just hope for luck. Therefore, together we came up with some simple rules and tools that made our game truly unique:

  • Players compete to be the first to fly from Earth to the Moon on their starship. The winner receives other players’ bets and bonuses;
  • The “fuel” for the ship is a cryptocurrency rate, which can be combined in the fuel tank before the start;
  • The speed of your ship depends on the exchange rates of the selected cryptocurrencies and the size of the bet;
  • You can play passively: make a bet, start a flight and hope only for the stability of the chosen currency, or you can actively buy weapons and defenses already during the game to upgrade the ship and gain an advantage over the opponent;
  • Races last for a certain time, during which players can fight fiercely for the championship and experience incredible emotions. However, remember that only the winner takes it all.

Our experts have developed special mechanisms of interaction and setting proportions to equalize the capabilities of players and balance the gameplay. This allows completely different owners of cryptocurrencies to participate in the race. And the major achievements of the project were:

New game

New game

The world of gamedev was enriched with a new fresh idea closely related to the world of WEB3, and thrill-seekers got the opportunity to play profitably in something different from a primitive casino;



Implemented a list of complex tasks for developers of smart contracts, crypto wallets and methods of interaction between website components, as well as multi-level game logic, determining the winner and calculating winnings;



The BeFund team has gained unique experience in developing a completely new product and interacting with professional developers from other areas of IT.

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