Tokenization of real estate via blockchain by BeFund


Indastry: Real estate

BeFund`s service: Tokens

BeFund`s team: 1 project manager, 2 developers

Technologies: Solidity

Terms: 4 month

Cost: >$50K

About the client

Unfortunately, under the terms of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), we cannot disclose the name of the client company and specific features of the project. However, by mutual agreement, we are able to publicize the general provisions of the project and some key solutions. In the case of your cooperation with BeFund, all issues regarding the publicity of information will be discussed individually.

What`s the problem?

About situation:

BeFund clients have been working on the Brazilian real estate market for about five years and are constantly looking for ways to overcome competition through the introduction of modern technologies. This gives results: previous experience with work automation in a customized CRM system gave the company’s employees an advantage in the direction of working with customers. But now it’s time to offer something new to the customers themselves. Management follows global trends, so they liked the decision of their American colleagues — Manhattan brokers, who started using blockchain to tokenize New York real estate. Since BeFund’s clients are represented in other Latin American countries, such as Ecuador, Argentina and Peru, the use of blockchain technology turned out to be expedient and cost-effective, because it eliminates a lot of red tape due to differences in legislation in different countries. The main goals of the project were:

The goals of project:

Solution by BeFund

At the request of clients, the BeFund team took the Etherium blockchain project as a basis. We developed an app to store the company’s tokens, which could be traded like any other asset on the blockchain.

According to the provided description and characteristics of the objects from the customer, the BeFund team created the corresponding tokens of the already existing real estate objects. Each of them had its own value according to the location, area and other important factors. The first to be tokenized were elite real estate in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Recife, as the commercial benefit from trading them many times exceeded the costs of the entire project. Later, corresponding tokens were created for other important company assets.

The main role of the token in this case is to confirm ownership rights to the object, and smart contracts to confirm the terms of purchase, sale or lease. But the tokenization of future objects, that is, commercial areas in new buildings, turned out to be even more promising. In this case, tokens are attractive for investment, since the value of future apartments is constantly increasing. This allows you to expand the range of investors in your long-term construction projects. And due to the use of blockchain — to simplify business relations with investors from different countries and reduce the costs of various commissions. Therefore, the main achievements of the BeFund project are:



A special application has been created that allows you to create and manage company property tokens;



More than 50 different objects in three countries have already been converted into digital assets. And this is just the beginning;



The company has expanded its customer base due to blockchain supporters who become investors or brokers.