In this section of our website, we have collected the most concentrated selection of the most interesting achievements of BeFund. Over the years, we have gained invaluable experience, but, unfortunately, not everything can be told in terms of NDA. Therefore, in “Cases” we will talk about the publicly available results of the work of our developers, individually or in cooperation with partners. We hope you will like it and find it useful. Remember that each of the available cases can become yours!

crypto gaming

A new and unique solution in the world of cryptocurrency games

This is a case about video games, cryptocurrency, interesting mechanics and how we and our partners combined all this in a single project.

Smart contracts

We prepared ICO for a project with Marvel heroes

This case is about  superheroes case, a new coin offering, workgroup of smart contracts, and big plans for the future from Marvel fans.


Custom CRM for a travel company from the USA by BeFund

This case is about traveling business, journeys, customer support and software that BeFund specialists created specifically for Legato, USA. Custom solutions made the company’s work efficient, and customers’ journeys pleasant and safe.

Smart contracts

Decentralized app of the medical card for the clinic by BeFund


This is a case about a modern solution for medicine, health preservation and freedom of choice of consultations with doctors all over the world.

Smart contracts

Replacement of regular agreements with customers by automated smart contracts

This is a case about real estate  in Canada, smart contract automation for making deals with clients in terms of rent, purchase and investment in construction.

Smart contracts

Implementation of blockchain in international currency transfers from BeFund

This is a case about money, its transfers between countries of the world and using the main advantages of blockchain technology to do it quickly, safely and with the lowest possible fees.


Tokenization of real estate via blockchain by BeFund

This is a case about alternative approaches for renting or selling  various real estate in Latin America, a promising blockchain project and our experience in it.


The DApp for the contract management among many parties by BeFund

This case is about custom document management application for the retail sector, smart contracts concluded between several parties at the same time, and data verification methods.


TP2P loan solution by BeFund

This case is about money loans, a good option to multiply your assets in cryptocurrencies and a unique opportunity for interaction for those who seek to receive passive income and those who need money. All this became possible thanks to developments from BeFund.


Supply tracking and formation of logistics chains by BeFund

This is a case is about the implimintation of blockchain technology into the business processes of a logistics company, which aims to create an extensive network of connected suppliers and recipients. A solid foundation for future development created by BeFund.


Crypto bot

Telegram bot on Python for management of cryptological assets from BeFund

This is a case about a convenient and functional bot that helps to carry out all the necessary operations with cryptocurrencies and tokens: transfer, conversion, investment, verification and withdrawal. Using a real example, we will show what a modern bot should be.

Crypto bot

Development of a resource for scientists with NFT mint functionality for individual author articles from BeFund

This is a case about the realization of the idea of an American scientist who devoted his life to the development and popularization of science among the younger generation. BeFund implemented a project to create a full-fledged web platform for the scientific community and a mechanism for converting important articles to NFT. This is both an incentive for the authors of fundamental works and a method of obtaining exclusive intellectual property rights for token owners.

Crypto bot

Infobusiness development from BeFund via the custom Discord bot solution

This is a case about automation of business processes in the field of information services using Discord. The BeFund team has developed a comprehensive solution for the sale of personal development courses that independently controls the payment of trainees and their access to the base of educational resources.