Smart contracts

Smart Сontracts

BeFund is a world leader in the development of smart contracts. We prefer the Ethereum blockchain and Solidity programming language, which our programmers know perfectly. But we are happy to study new technologies at the request of our customers and implement projects according to the needs of the system.

Order a Smart Contract from BeFund managers right now and enjoy flawless work and all the benefits of working with us.

Smart Contract Development Solutions

We work with all types of smart contracts and develop the best optimized solutions for the prosperity of your business



Our main working tool is Solidity, a high-level programming language specialized for development




In our opinion, the Ethereum blockchain is the best for the implementation of smart contracts



Cooperation with BeFund guarantees complete anonymity and complete data security

Benefits of Smart Contracts

Main features

Smart contracts are a digital alternative to conventional contracts between people or organizations. However, unlike paper contracts, smart contracts are decentralized, do not require the involvement of a number of intermediaries and are executed regardless of the wishes of the parties.

Benefits from BeFund

Our company has been building smart contracts for the Etherium blockchain for years, so we know how to optimize the code for best performance, security, and minimal gas consumption. We are ready to perform all possible types of work with smart contracts on any blockchain system for you, including:

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